For the last 25 years I have owned and operated, Graphic Visions, a design and fabrication business specializing in metal products. I have also built and restored many classic cars and motorcycles over the years. And I have been a weekend warrior, house improvement guy, for as long as I can remember. While participating in these endeavors I have been forced to the eye doctor/emergency room at least 6 times to get a piece of metal removed from my eye.
   If you have ever had a piece of steel in your eye you know how bad it hurts. You also know how hard it is to get out! Saline rinses, Q-tips, tape, are just a few things I have tried unsuccessfully. The trick is to get it out as soon as possible. Every time I waited overnight, hoping it would show up in my tear duct in the morning, I was disappointed. Then off to the eye doctor to get it drilled out. That's right "DRILLED". 
   Once a fresh metal particle contacts the soft tissue of your eye it 's sharp claws hold onto that soft tissue. Then, due to the high salt content in your tears, it immediately starts to rust. We all know how hard it is to break free a rusted bolt. Rust is like glue. Now that little piece of metal is glued on your eye.  A saline rinse or a Q-Tip is not going to get it off. Once the doctor dislodges it with a Dremel like tool he has to hawg out the area immediately around it to dissipate the rust stain. You heard it right. If the rust isn't removed it will permanentely stain your eye and cause a cloudy spot in your vision.
   This is why THE EYE MAGNET is so great. Not only does it work flawlessly, but it enables you to get the metal out immediately. No hours of pain and suffering and no time for the "rust ring" to start forming. I just keep THE EYE MAGNET kit in my toolbox. As soon as I realize I have something in my eye I walk over to my toolbox, pull it out and use it. And I have used it many times. I have not been to the eye doctor for the drill treatment since I started using it. A visit to the eye doctor is a lot more than a $30 EYE MAGNET kit.
   The EYE MAGNET will not remove aluminum, stainless steel, wood, etc. It is a magnet so it needs to be a ferrous metal. But those other objects seem to come out in the rinse since they don't rust. Check out the YOUTUBE video and you can see it in action.


If you have a question or concern before you order, call or email me.
My given name is Erin. But I go by Erwin to avoid the gender confusion in cyberspace. I am like "the boy named Sue" God bless my Mom, my Dad, and Johnny Cash.
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This product was not invented to make me rich. It was truly inspired by necessity. I really wanted to share this with my community of tradesmen and women. I came up with the idea after successfully removing a piece of steel from my eye with 6 magnetic board magnets from my son's room. You know the black 1/2" disc ones. I wrapped them in a rubber glove and stuck it in my eye. It took a couple of trys to get it out but I had been battling it for about 12 hours. This was a hair brained idea (at 2:00 in the morning) that worked. 
   I knew there had to be modifications on the idea. The magnet in the EyeMagnet has 15lbs of pull. Probably 10 times more than those six black magnets from my son's room. The surface of the device is ground to a .5" radius.  This matches the curve of the average human's eye. It is wide enough to cover most of the eye's surface side to side. This way you don't have to jam it into the corners of your eye. It has an ergonomic handle on it to hold with your thumb and index finger. The kit includes twenty "one time use" covers. These keep your EyeMagnet from collecting metal shavings. No one wants to put a "furry" magnet in their eye. Every use starts with a clean surface. This also allows you to see what came out of your eye. If it's stuck to the cover its metal!